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Close, but so far away

**Disclaimer, this is a pro Husker video … I can’t seem to find one that has highlights of both teams. If you come across one, please let me know.**

Sometimes members of the press can take one subject and run with it. We can beat the dead horse with the best of them, and for a while it looked as though that was what we were doing with the Tyrod Taylor talk before last night’s game.

Instead, we found ourselves to be completely correct, as the Husker defense couldn’t stop the dynamic Taylor on the run. The Husker defense early was focused more on stopping Taylor’s runs and let receivers get open down field – lucking out with two really bad passes from Taylor that could/should have been touchdowns. Later the Huskers switched gears and Taylor took over with his feet.

Taylor connected on nine of his 15 pass attempts for 171 yards and rushed 15 times for 87 yards and a TD. The Huskers just couldn’t consistently stop him and his Hokie offense.

However, the Hokies were having some troubles of their own against the Huskers – who showed true heart til the finish of the game. Some people claimed that Virginia Tech’s special teams would be far superior to the Huskers – which I refuted – and it looked as though Continue reading


Breaking down the Huskers vs Hokies

So I just read the ESPN/ breakdown of this weekend’s game between Nebraska and Virginia Tech – and I’m somewhat confused by their analysis.

QB Joe Ganz leads the huddle against Western Michigan at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Neb. on Saturday, Aug. 30, 2008. (Michael Mason-D'Croz)

QB Joe Ganz leads the huddle against Western Michigan at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Neb. on Saturday, Aug. 30, 2008. (Michael Mason-D'Croz)

First thing that you see on the page – provided you’re an ESPN Insider and have access – is the position breakdowns. It went like this:


I’m not one to complain about such over-whelming praise, but I think they got that one wrong. First of all, I’d say it’s more of a push when it comes to the QB. Continue reading

Ex-Husker Collins charged in Omaha Murder

Ex-Husker running back Thunder Collins has been charged with murder in Omaha.

Collins was arrested Wednesday for a shooting that killed one person and left another seriously wounded.

This is yet another stamp on Collins record – which includes a 2003 assault and burglary charge in Oregon, 2002 disturbing the peace (which included two dropped assault charges), assault charges that were never brought to court stemming from a fight at the UNL recreation center and a 10-day jail stint for obstructing Omaha police.

Overall it’s been quite a career for Collins – who was hoping to make a comeback in the CFL next season. Good luck with that now.

All kidding aside, this is a serious story and Collins is facing charges of first degree murder and attempted first degree murder. His playing career isn’t the thing is jeopardy right now, it’s his life.

Mike Leach’s tips for dating

Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach has some tips for you next time you decide to go on a first date.

First he says that on a first date you don’t want to go anywhere too fancy, keep it casual. Maybe take the girl to a steakhouse, you know somewhere where they don’t really serve salad so she has to eat. I guess girls don’t really like to eat in front of you on a first date – this is news to me – and so you should take them somewhere Continue reading

Pelini appreciates TO

In this file photo from Dec. 2, 2007, Bo Pelini, left, Nebraska’s new football coach, is introduced by athletic director Tom Osborne at a news conference in Lincoln, Neb. Pelini said Osborne sometimes pops in to talk football and give suggestions for plays to use on Saturdays. (AP File)

Well seeing as today is Tuesday, head coaches around the nation sat in front of the press to discuss the upcoming week, and here in Husker-land it was no different. Bo Pelini held court before hitting the practice field and talked about a number of subjects, although none quite as interesting as what it is like to have Tom Osborne just upstairs and the advise that TO gives.

“He comes out and watches a lot,” Pelini said at Tuesday’s press conference. “He has a tremendous understanding of offensive football, so he gives his input every now and then, suggestions and that type of thing. It’s made us a better football team.”

And those suggestions are not just disregarded Continue reading

Huskers to play Missouri under the lights

ESPN has announced its plan to televise the Nebraska-Missouri game on Saturday, October 4. The only wrinkle? It’ll be the sports giant’s prime-time game of the week. The Huskers are slated to host the undefeated Tigers at memorial stadium at 8 p.m. that night.

This will mark only the third nationally televised Husker game in the past two seasons – the last two being the home game against USC last season and the traditional game against Colorado last November. I would consider this weekend’s Nebraska-Virginia Tech game in this discussion, but it is a “split national game” – aka a regional game.

This shows good progress for both the Huskers and for the Big XII as a whole. At this time last year ESPN wouldn’t have been thinking about putting a Big XII game as the national Continue reading

After a week off

Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor (5) scrambles away from Florida State’s Emmanuel Dunbar during a football game in Blacksburg, Va. (AP)

I’m back after taking last week off to focus on some studies and other things – that and it was a bye week for the Huskers – but now I am back and there is some catching up to do.

Over the past week the Huskers have laid low, practicing but not game planning for Virginia Tech or Missouri, but now that it’s game week the preparation starts anew. This week the Huskers will face their stiffest challenge when they host Va. Tech at Memorial Stadium at 7 p.m. on ABC.

The Huskers will have to be aware of sophomore QB Tyrod Taylor for Va. Tech, who has the ability to create outside of the pocket and speed to burn. He is also a very skilled passer, so the Huskers Continue reading