Harsh toke AP, Coaches

Nebraska Virginia Tech Football

The weekend is over, and the nation’s observers have weighed in with their opinions. By that I mean the release of this week’s Top 25 lists.

Obviously the top 3 schools are going to be Florida, Texas and Alabama right now. From there, it’s debatable for every other position. However, there is a debate that didn’t seem to take place at all.

When I looked at the Top 25 lists, I was caught off guard and surprised by the fall that Nebraska took. Entering the weekend, Nebraska was ranked 19th in the AP poll and 18th in the Coaches poll. After losing 16-15 in Blacksburg, Va., to Virginia Tech, the Huskers fell to 25th in the AP and 24th in the Coaches.

At the same time the Hokies moved up from 13th and 14th respectably, to 11th and 12th.

This just raises a question for me. How do you justify dropping the Huskers that far after going on the road and nearly beating the Hokies? Yes, they deserve to fall from their spot at the beginning of the weekend. However, falling to 24th and 25th isn’t justified.

The Huskers instead should have been ranked around 22nd. If the loss would have come to Florida Atlantic or Arkansas State, then yes drop them as far as you want. However, on the road against a good — not great but good — Va. Tech team doesn’t seem the justification for a 6-place drop.

All in all, that was a harsh toke from both the AP and the Coaches.


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